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Braised Lotus Root & Black Fungus with Sliced Sea Cucumber
Braised Scallops with Snow Peas and Black Fungus
Fresh scallops from the market, braised to perfection and tossed with a mix of snowpeas and black fu..
Braised Whole Abalone with Oyster Sauce ( Each )
A refreshing, cold entree of imported fresh canadian Clams served with an authentic spicy szhechuan ..
Deep Fried King Prawns with Taro
Fresh King Prawns specially prepared with chinese-style taro paste ..
Diced Fillet Steak with Black Paper Sauce
Boneless bite-sized beef fillets garnished with spicy black pepper sauce with Vegetables. ..
King Prawns with White Bait in Spicy Salt
Juicy King prawns seasoned with the perfect mix of spicy salt & pepper with delicious white bait..
Peking Duck 2 Course (Half)
as above ..
Peking Duck 2 Course (Whole)
1st Course : Renowned Northern Chinese emperor's delight. Ducks are roasted to create a tender crisp..
Sliced Green-Lipped Abalone with Supreme Soup
Stir Fried Farm Abalone with XO Chilli Sauce
A Delicious dish of tender abalone stir-fried with a chilli mouth watering scallop based sauce. ..
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